Thursday, January 26, 2012

Suckers and Pink Band-Aids

My poor little one is sick...she's been running a temp up to 103 again! So, yesterday afternoon, it was off to the pediatrician for us. She hadn't been eating so I was sure she had a sore throat. I expected to get there and for them to treat her for strep.

Her ears looked great, throat looked fine, chest sounded good... Good news, right? WRONG! While the doctor was sure it was just a virus, she sent us to the lab at the hospital to have a blood test done to rule out anything else.

I NEVER want to do that again!!

They took blood from the bend in her elbow and it was clearly painful. I had to hold her, and one nurse held her arm down while the other took her blood.

She screamed! She cried! She sweated and then she screamed some more.

But, blood tests come with suckers. This was her first sucker, and it seemed to make her feel better.

See her sweet little pink band-aid?

We survived!

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