Saturday, January 21, 2012

Project of the Month

Ok, so while I have the visions, my sweet husband is actually the one that does all the manual labor involved in bringing my ideas to reality. I'm a pretty handy girl, but I'm not THAT handy.

Well, in the past I've had a little problem with expectations. :) If you asked my hubs, he'd tell you my expectations are off the charts a little high. And I guess I would have to admit that sometimes I don't really factor in sleep, eating, downtime, day jobs, etc into the timeline when I am excited for a finished project.

So, this year, in hopes of not overwhelming my darling husband to the point that he quits on me, we're going to be doing a "Project of the Month". It might be big that case the month long timeline will push us to get it completed. In other cases the month might give us a little breathing room.

So, here's what's on tap for 2012!

The Dreaded Garage

Tool Shed in the Backyard

Grass! And lots of it!!


Crown Molding

Office/Craft Room

Master Bedroom

Storage Consoles

2nd Birthday Party Planning

Closet Organization

Christmas Prep!

Year End Wrap Up

We've been working on the garage and I'll be posting soon. It's not done yet, but boy what an improvement on the disaster that was there to begin with. :)

I'm so excited to start sharing! Of course, these are just the big projects. There'll be recipes and crafts, family posts and more in there too.

Do y'all have a list? What projects have you been putting off or saving for?

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